2014 Videos

Session 1 – Discern

From knowledge worker to insight worker: Rex Briggs

What’s your Rubik’s cube? Tim Grunert

Social and emotional learning: Trish Shaffer

Why I teach: Racquel Abowd

How to comfort a grieving teen: Bridget Park

Session 2 – Impact

I make a difference, but I can’t do it alone: Barry Posner

In the city, for the city: Harvey Turner

How to inspire grassroots change in your city: Kristin Stith & Paul Klein

Get bothered, stay bothered: Jamie Amelio

My story: Elizabeth Smart

Session 3 – Innovate

Improvisational jazz performance: Peter Epstein

Three rules for success: Michael Raynor

The moral obligation to know our veterans: Mike Haynie

Because you can, you absolutely should: Arte Nathan

Harvesting intangible assets: Andrew Sherman

Why innovation is like a rainforest: Victor Hwang

Session 4 – Flourish

Scaling up excellence: Huggy Rao

Inexpensive diagnostic tests for resource poor countries: David AuCoin

Dangerous boobs alert! Dense breast tissue hides tumors: Wendy Damonte

Liberty, democracy, equity, and justice in healthcare: Leana Wen

No barriers: Neal Petersen
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