Key Themes Emerge from TEDxUniversityofNevada’s 2015 Event

The neat thing about attending a TEDxUniversityofNevada event is the experience of listening to a constant stream of insights unfold throughout the full day, each talk building upon the previous, not only illuminating certain points made within a span of approximately 8 hours, but then seeing those key points woven into eventual themes, revealing a layer of continuous connection, underscoring a wave of ultimate meaning and relevance for all.

TEDxUniveristyofNevada 2015 event

Like a work of complex construction, not until the end of the day is the full scope of awareness made clear. With every talk, another layer of reality is exposed, while thoughts and points made by the previous speaker somehow seem to work their way again into elements of the next. Over the course of the day, a collective consciousness is born, supported and strengthened by the connections and insights shared among the speakers, attendees, volunteers, and livestream viewers at large, whether that be backstage, in-person between the session breaks, or digitally across social media.

Because of this truth, TEDx events have become a coveted, deeply personal, and transformative experience for all involved, especially when attending in person. And not just because of the content of the talks, or the quality of the speakers, but because of the shared learning experience, the range of emotions felt, and the insights collected along the way.

TEDxUniversity of Nevada 2015

Having just wrapped up its third year, the 2015 TEDxUniversityofNevada event featured 20 inspiring speakers from various walks of life, including talks from a student with a stutter, a local attorney, and small business owner, to concerned citizens, change agents, musicians, University of Nevada, Reno faculty members, non-profit leaders, well-known authors, and more.

While the stories were varied, some of the common themes that emerged throughout the day included:

  1. Fear: We should never let fear dictate our life
  2. Choice: The power of choice is ever-present, but the ability to make that choice lies within ourselves
  3. Education: The need for continuous education is not only imperative, but a requirement for thriving in today’s world
  4. Curiosity: Always be curious, discover that which you are passionate about
  5. Safeguarding our Children: Collectively we must work to protect our children
  6. Kindness: We all have the power to make an impact in someone’s life, even the small things matter
  7. Social Responsibility: Let your voice be heard: we all share in the responsibility to influence social change

In short, listening to a day of TEDx talks is an enlightening and important experience for anyone. Be sure to catch the videos that will soon be released featuring the many incredible talks from this year’s event.