2016 Videos

Session 1

Why Do We Keep Our Salaries Secret? | David Burkus

Educating the Next Generation Of Job Hoppers | Alex Ellison

How student debt will cripple the American dream | Dusty Wunderlich

Rethinking The Paradigm of Poverty | Jennifer Gurecki

You Have One Life. Live It. | Sherry McConkey

Breaking the Script | The Novelists

Session 2

Young Musicians Rocking Old Classics! | Freedom Revival

Impact Investing: Making Money More | Gino Borges

Building The $9B CityCenter: The Power of Human Alignment | William Smith

Opposition: The Light Outside of the Dark Box | Anjala Krishen

The World’s Largest Freshwater Fish | Zeb Hogan

Finding Courage to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse | Jill Tolles

Love Honors Your Freedom | Lacey Sturm

Session 3

Young Girls Love to Rock | The Warning

Psychological flexibility: How love turns pain into purpose | Steven Hayes

Healing the Epidemic of Isolation for Senior Citizens | Elissa Altman

Why we develop back pain | Amy Selinger

Healthcare Reform that Creates Healthier Communities | Anthony Slonim

The Future of Energy | Taylor Wilson

Session 4

Live Your Song | Jon Foreman

Searching for love to escape ourselves | Hayley Quinn

Why I couldn’t let football keep me in the closet | Shane Wickes

The Other Side of the Closet: A Straight Spouse Speaks Out | Emily Reese

Unlocking the Door to Your Authentic Sexual Wellbeing | Emily Nagoski

Not how, but why? | Mark Kalin
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